DusuPay Enables Businesses Pay out to Mobile money wallets and Bank accounts. With a Dusupay Merchant account you can seamlessly pay out to Kenya. Here is some crucial information you need to know 

Which modes can we pay out to

  1. MPESA 
  2. Bank accounts

How do I get the funds to pay out

  1. You can deposit funds through our Bank account or any of the other custom modes of payment available on DusuPay as seen Here https://dusupay.com/pages/dusupay_payment_options 
  2. Any funds that have been paid to your merchant account can be paid out to any mobile money wallet or bank account 

Which categories of businesses can use the pay outs service
Currently we are powering the following business types

  1. Betting companies that pay out to Kenya
  2. Money remittance companies available on www.dusupay.com/octopus 
  3. Cryptocurrency companies
  4. App developers
  5. Advertising agencies with reseller models built for Africa
  6. Financial companies
  7. Forex companies 
  8. Essentially any business that pays out can use this infrastructure

Does the business have to be registered in Kenya to pay out to Kenya
No your business doesnt need to be registered in Kenya

How long do pay outs Take
Usually less than 1 minute for MPESA
T+1 for bank accounts

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