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When a customer has been redirected from your app/website to Dusupay to make a payment they usually select the mobile money option e.g (Uganda) Airtel Money then proceed to the next step

In the next step, there's a form as shown below where they need to enter their payment details

Screen 1

Notice the link "Use PayBill instructions" that leads to the screen below

Screen 2

The customer follows instructions above in Screen 2 to pay for the transaction.
After the payment, the need to click the purple button "Click here to complete your payment" which leads to screen below

Screen 3

In this Screen 3, they need to enter their payment details including the Transaction ID returned from their Mobile Money provider (Airtel in this case) to confirm transaction.

With the correct details entered, The transaction should complete as expected.

Issues 1

After the customer has transacted using the instructions in screen 2, they might forget to click the purple button to continue. They could even close the browser.

In this case we cannot complete the transaction since they did not proceed to screen 3 to provide the transaction ID from their service provider.

The client will return to the merchant claiming that their account was not credited.

The merchant will follow up by contacting Dusupay regarding that transaction.

Dusupay will ask for the transaction details if the merchant has not provided them and in return the merchant will need to get them from their client. Usually the client will send them a screen shot of the confirmation message sent from their service provider regarding the payment made earlier.

What Dusupay does is check for the Transaction ID and phone number from Airtel to confirm that the transaction exists and indeed it will find it.

If a wrong reference was used in step 5 - Screen 2 as say 'dusu pay' or 'dusu' or something else, the transaction will be claimed to our collection account and the next step is to credit it to the merchant such that the merchant can credit the customer.

To solve this as a merchant without contacting us first, there are two ways.

  1. Merchant will have to login into dusupay and click on the merchant account those funds were supposed to be allocated via the left side menu.

    Under the merchant account selected, there's a button in the left side menu called "Deposit funds".

    You simply enter the amount appropriately and follow the steps the customer would have gone through and this time, you skip the instructions in Screen 2 and continue to Screen 3.

    Since you have all the details required in the form shown in screen 3, the transaction will complete and get credited to your merchant account.

    Then you will have to credit your customer manually on your web-app. This is because this transaction started from dusupay and has no orderId/merchantReference that can match an order in your wep-app.
    An IPN is therefore not sent to your system.

    In-case it fails completely, that's when you need to contact dusupay.
  2. The best option would be to start the transaction described in above from your web-app.
    The client could go through the same procedure of crediting their account and this time they should continue to screen 3 and use the transaction id to complete their transaction. You could also do it for them depending on how your system is designed to credit for clients via a payment get-way.

    This works because the transaction id is still valid until submitted in step 3 regardless  how long they take to use it.


  1. If the client client did not use the payment instructions in screen 2, It means they used the default form in screen 1 and submitted.
    With this option, the client got prompted to simply enter their PIN on their phone to confirm their payment.

    At the end of the transaction, they still got a confirmation message from their service provider regarding the payment.

    Once the payment has been confirmed the client is automatically redirected back to the merchant web-app.

    If there are issues completing this automatically, the client will return to the merchant complaining.

    The solution above will still work where you ignore the instructions and use the transaction id provided by the client to complete the transaction

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