DusuPay Octopus is meant for money remittance companies. Here is How to proceed upon sign up

  1. Create a merchant account
  2. Fill in the approval form available in the link https://dusupay.com/pages/dusupay_octopus_contact_us
  3. Upon account approval integrate the DusuPay Pay outs API. There are 2 Api's; One for bank pay outs available here https://dusupay.com/docs/build/#bank-payouts-api and mobile money pay outs available on the link https://dusupay.com/docs/build/#mobile-money-pay-outs-api 
  4. Deposit money to your merchant account.
  5. Pay Outs will be initiated off your sub accounts. Funds have to be transferred from the merchant account to sub accounts for any pay outs to be made
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