The DusuPay Octopus Package was built for Pay outs 

It is Ideal for money remittance companies and businesses that make so many pay out to Africa

Why this package is helpful to Money remittance businesses
Rather than having multiple branches in multiple Africa countries why not have one integration and pay out your recipients wherever they are directly on there mobile money wallets or bank accounts powered by Dusupay

What Value merchants with this package get

  1. 0.1% -1.49% FX spreads on any pay outs converted to local currencies
  2. 0.5 GBP per pay out
  3. Automatic conversion to local currencies 
  4. Funds are paid out to clients mobile money wallets or bank accounts

Only get charged when paying out 

Pay outs available in

Nigeria (Banks)

Ghana (Mobile money)

Rwanda (Mobile money)

Tanzania (Mobile money and bank)

Uganda. (Mobile money)

Cameroon (Mobile money)

Kenya (Mobile money and bank)

EU Banks (Bank accounts)

UK bank accounts

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