We believe Africa is the market that financial trading companies can scale and dominate fastest if any company does this right. 

Africa's secret is so widely in the open most people tend to ignore it and here it is: 

For the Western World considering everyone is banked Visa and Mastercard become ideal payment alternatives. Next people wanted to accept payments and pay out Chinese customers luckily Alipay and China Union pay were already in existence. 

Africa's case scenario is a little different, 54 different countries with little or no penetration of Visa, Mastercard or any other card service providers. So here is the Question everyone reading this article should be asking when it comes to Africa: How do you tap into Africa?

The simple answer is DusuPay:
We understand payments in Africa way better than visa, mastercard or China Union pay will ever do. With us as a partner, you can seamlessly accept payments from Africa and pay out to Africa the way Africa is used to.
Tap into mobile money and Bank payments the way Africa know how to pay.  

Full list of countries we can accept payments from and pay out to:

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