DusuPay powers the largest mobile money pay out platform in Africa. We power How thousands of businesses are paying out to mobile money wallets in multiple countries. You can view the full list of countries we pay out to here http://help.dusupay.com/dusupay-for-pay-outs/full-list-of-countries-and-mode-of-delivery-you-can-pay-out-to-with-your-dusupay-merchant-account 


  1. You can only pay out when you have funds on your merchant account.
  2. Pay outs are done off sub accounts
  3. All pay outs are done in Local currencies 

To pay out to Mobile refer to the link  https://dusupay.com/webroot/docs/build/#withdraw-mobile-money-balance 

Example Response(.json)

   "message":"Request PENDING",

Webhooks are available here https://dusupay.com/webroot/docs/build/#ipn-payout-status-ipn-webhook-url 

// POST Fields - The fields below will be Posted to your sub-account webhootk url

    "created":"11/10/16, 1:37 PM",
    "modified":"5/23/17, 2:38 PM",

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