DusuPay enables automated payments. Here are the reasons your payment status could remain pending for over a month

  1. Client didn't actually complete payment

Before most of the payments are made, dusupay requires clients to fill in a form with names, email and phone contacts. Once this for is filled, the transaction is automatically put under pending regardless of if a person has or hasn't completed the payment payment. This helps the merchants follow up in case the transaction was valid, we would have collected the information needed to contact the client paying.

In some cases some people could be trying out your check out and fill in the details not necessarily to pay but just to see what is there. On DusuPay this would reflect as pending for 3 months after which it is reflected as failed

2. Fraud detection
Once some systems like paypal detect fraud, some transactions may be put on hold on the paypal system. In this case the transaction cant  be completed since even on paypal's end it would be pending.

3) Technical glitches
Glitches in Instant payment notifications on the providers we work with could cause a lag in the time taken for a payment to be converted to complete. In most cases however these lags dont take more than a day so if your payment has been pending for 3 days plus probably contact your customer for clarification 

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