First, key terms used in our analytics section include the listed below accompanied by descriptions to explain exactly what they mean with in dusupay analytics.


Transaction Confirmed, validated and fully processed ready to be paid out to merchant account


A date set internally by the Dusupay system for when the processed (completed) transaction shall be paid into the merchant's account.

3- PAID;

These are payments that have been initially marked as Scheduled but have now reached their payment Payment date and PAID into merchant's account ready for withdrawal. 

**NB: All transactions from "process" to "withdrawal" stage shall be displayed under the "completed transactions" section. 

("Completed transactions" is just a lebel set for that particular of tab by Dusupay.)

Tracking each stage of the completed transactions can be done with the help of the various stage tags (explained above and below) I.e. Scheduled, paid etc.


This is the total amount of processed/ completed payments less the PAID ones. In simple terms : 

amount = 

sum of all scheduled payments OR

amount = 

total of completed payment - PAID ones


Is the overall total of transaction fees paid on Scheduled (to be paid soon) transactions. This doesn't include fees on PAID Transactions.

6-  COUNT;

Is the overall total of scheduled transactions. Again this doesn't include PAID Transactions what so ever as they would have already be count during their time as scheduled Transactions of course.


Is simple the currency in which your merchant account is set to and in which all transactions were processed and fees charged.

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