More and more Tanzanian businesses are going online with the globalization of eCommerce. With Online presence comes the need for the ability to accept payments for Goods and services rendered online. 

We understand that payments have evolved differently all over Africa. Clients in Tanzania in most cases prefer to pay with their various mobile money wallets. Kenya clients prefer to pay with MPESA, Uganda clients with MTN mobile money and Airtel money. 

As a business person you have to think global. Your clients could be in any part of the world at any point in Time. So when choosing a payments partner you need to choose a partner that covers you everywhere your clients  are in Africa.

Dusupay does exactly that. We provide a dynamic platform that your clients all over Africa can use to pay you directly on your website 

Here is how someone would pay on a website using DusuPay

DusuPay's Advantage to your Business

  1. DusuPay avails localized payment alternatives in over 10 countries making it possible for your company to scale over Africa with one partner. Some of these modes include MPESA (Kenya), Visa, mastercard and verve in Nigeria among others
  2. DusuPay helps you analyze your payments data helping you better understand business on a global scale

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