DusuPay went live in Tanzania
Accepted modes of payment:
a) Vodacom MPESA
b) Tigo Pesa
c) Airtel Money

Market coverage 100% 

Pricing for Tanzania Mobile Money Payments
Basic: 1500 Tzs
Standard: 1250 Tzs
Enterprise: 1000 Tzs

Pay Outs
Basic: Not available
Standard: 2500 Tzs
Enterprise: 2000 Tzs
Corporate: 1500 Tzs
Alpha: 1500 Tzs
Beta: 2000 Tzs
Gama: 2500 Tzs

What this means for global businesses
Now global businesses Can accept payments from Clients in Tanzania directly from their mobile money wallets. In addition to that businesses that need to pay out to mobile wallets in Tanzania will be able to pay out to all telecom mobile money wallets in Tanzania instantly

What this means for Tanzania Businesses
Businesses in Tanzania can now accept payments from all over Africa seamlessly powered by Dusupay. So whether your client is in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Cameroon or Ghana, They can seamlessly pay with whatever mobile money wallet they have and you can receive funds directly to your mobile money wallet in TZ

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