In our mission to unify how Africa pays and gets paid online, DusuPay  extended its services to Nigeria. More and more businesses had clients in Nigeria and were looking for a means to accept payments from the region and this is why we decided to address this problem.
Here is How
We integrated with all the local modes of payment in Nigeria including the local online banking  systems, Visa, Mastercard and even verve cards. This simply means that  Any merchant using DusuPay can seamlessly  accept payments from anyone in Nigeria using DusuPay.

DusuPay for pay outs in Nigeria
Similarly for businesses that need to pay out in Nigeria bank accounts, we enable this work seamlessly through our API and Your merchant account

How it works
At checkout client selects DusuPay as payment  option then selects any of the modes of payment  with Nigeria highlighted below.

The client will be required to input there account number or card number to complete transaction

All payments  are processed instantly.

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