We Understand that sometime you may have external Auditors, Analysts and 3 rd party service providers that need to access some of your information for Audit purposes or any other reason. However you may not want to avail all your financial Capabilities like pay outs, withdrawals and other features available on DusuPay. DusuPay Allows you to grant Admin rights to different categories of people that have to access varrying parts of your payments data. 

Here is how to add admins, Editors or data Analysts.
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  1. Select Admins in your merchant Account Section
  2. You Can choose from Admins, Editor or analyst depending on the role 
  3. The New person you are availing access to needs to have a DusuPay Account. If they dont have One they can  create one Below

4. After adding there Dusupay Account number name and email, simply ADD ADMINS as seen in the button below

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