It is not a secret that Africa is the global leader when it comes to adoption and usage of mobile wallets. The continent has over 600 million registered mobile money accounts with over 80 million active every three months. The most prominent example of a mobile wallet is Kenya’s famous M-Pesa. Today, over 70% of adults in Kenya own an M-Pesa account and the transaction volume on the system is roughly up to 50% of Kenya’s GDP. While Kenya has been incredibly successful with its mobile payment platform, similar programs have not taken off in other large markets such as Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria.
Betting in Africa is growing faster than any other part of the world. The industry in Nigeria alone is now valued at over $40 billion according to More and more businesses are tapping into the modes of payment the African market are accustomed to paying with.
Since Africans prefer mobile money as the payment option, it is relevant every business extending to Africa.  Due to the above remarkable development in the financial sector hence making the betting business in Africa thrive as its simplified through the following benefits of  mobile money

1. Customer convenience

It should be noted wherever is betting, there is mobile money making easy for  whoever does not want to be seen on the floor of betting parlor have the  pleasure to bet and receive  payments on their phones.  One bettor remarked: “with my mobile money service, I can place a bet and receive payment in the comfort of my living room or my workplace”

2. Cuts on operational costs.

Through the a single integration with Dusupay, betting companies can cut upto half of their operational costs as there would not need to set up branches  meaning no costs  on employee payments hence  creating more income for the business to  invest.

3 .Removes border barriers 

Africa is a market  segmented into various different markets due the different border policies  hence creating a big gap  between the different possible betting markets.luckly Dusupay is has positioned itself  to serve betting companies to the best of potential through acting as a bridge across all borders as it enables betting companies to  operate across  borders  without  even knowing

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