Companies can now integrate the Dusupay API on their websites and accept payments from clients all over Cameroon using mobile money.

Cameroon, like any other African country driving towards business prosperity and economic empowerment for its people has taken on new ways of ensuring smooth transactions between the people and business entities both local and international.

Cameroon’s people within the business capital, Yaounde and those on the outskirts discovered that in mobile money they are able to accomplish so much over a shorter period than they would initially. In particular, money movement has drastically improved the way things are done, local businesses now accept payments countrywide through mobile money courtesy of MTN Cameroon and Orange money.

With more innovations surfacing, technology has pushed businesses to embrace online platforms and have websites, all in a quest to capture the more dotcom clientele. This also led to businesses devising means of accepting payments through their websites so as to create more convenience for customers.

The issue however with international venturers such as betting companies and remittance businesses is the difference in payment modes - most of these companies use bank related payments which are not popular alternatives with the people of Cameroon.

Fortunately, Dusupay whose aim is to power seamless online payments all across Africa has made such dilemmas a thing of the past.

Using the Dusupay Application programming Interface (API) that is incorporated on the company’s website, clients can pay using their accustomed to mobile money modes from Cameroon.

The company will receive the payments on their preffered payment system, all the client has to do is click on the Dusupay icon and they will be availed with a number of payment alternatives from which they can pick what works best for them. 

Dusupay making business in Africa better. 

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