The Mobile Money Industry is booming in Africa. We have in just a period of the last 5 years seen mobile money surpass Banking usage for the day to day transactions across most of Africa. We have seen more people trusting Mobile money as a means of getting paid rather than the banks. It has therefore become crucial that businesses tap into the mobile money frameworks when accepting payments from their clients.
Here is what start ups and businesses need to know when choosing a partner to process mobile payments

  1. The mobile money networks are broken down. Each country has 3 or more mobile money networks. In Tanzania for example there are over 3 telecoms all operating Mobile money. Keep in mind your clients could be in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda or anywhere in Africa. All these countries have different mobile money frameworks operated independent of the other. When choosing mobile payments provider choose one that has all the mobile money wallets from multiple countries integrated on one platform. DusuPay integrates mobile money platforms from over 10 African countries making it the ideal mobile payments platform for businesses and start ups that want to scale all across Africa with one API.
  2. Its not just about price. Choose a mobile payment service provider that gives you more than just low prices. If someone helps you analyze sales data, sell your products through text and social media. This would in the long run be of more help than just the price.
  3. Reliability is king. Choose a mobile payments partner trusted by the world. Smaller mobile payment providers stand a chance of getting out of business with your money.
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