DusuPay Wants to support start ups and small businesses from this month onwards. We are making the Basic Package absolutely free. Forget per month or per year fees, only pay when you transact

  1. Create a Merchant account or simply update your old merchant account
  2. Submit approval docs here https://dusupay.com/pages/merchantverificationinternational 
  3. Integrate the DusuPay API to your website or Create Your first Payment Request
  4. Your account will then be approved to transact
  5. You wont need to pay any monthly or yearly fees for a Year.Only  pay when you transact.

What does this Include
50 transactions/month

collections from

Nigeria Online Banking, Verve, MasterCard, Visa Nigeria
MPESA (Kenya)
MTN Mobile Money (Uganda, Cameroon)
Airtel Money (Uganda)
TigoPESA (Tanzania) Vodafone MPESA (Tanzania)
MTN Mobile money Rwanda
All mobile money wallets Ghana


Approval is mandatory. You can get approval by filling the form here https://dusupay.com/pages/merchantverificationinternational 

Monthly: 0.00 GBP
Annual: 0.00 GBP
Per Transaction charges: 2.99%  

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